"I started seeing Dr. Cavanaugh to facilitate recovery from a jaw surgery last summer. I soon found out that his treatment was effective for other health issues I had had such as low back pain and acid reflux. Recently, I was going through stressful time, and I happened to have an appointment with Dr. Cavanaugh. Even though, the reason for the visit was not for emotional distress, I clearly felt how I held my emotions and stress in my body, and I felt my body released them during the treatment. Dr. Cavanaugh is compassionate, gentle, knowledgeable and open minded, and I deeply appreciate him choosing to be in a healing profession."-Kyoko D.

  "I always feel safe with Dr. Steve’s work. His gentle manner and soft but strong hands, gives the releases that my body needs."-Marcia D.

  "Dr. Steve has helped me with both acute and long standing problems. His mastery is evident with every treatment session."-Pat F.

  "I did not know alot about osteopathy when it was recommended to help my daughter with reflux. In out first visit I felt very safe, comfortable and confident in Dr. Stephen’s skills and ability to help her heal. I have recommended him to many friends and clients."-Shira J. midwife and Doula

  "I have had problems with my neck for years and Dr. Steve was the first doctor who was able to help me. He is the best doctor I have ever seen."-Sharon P.

  "I take immunosuppression medication (because I had a transplant) and therefore when I get an infection it can be severe. I have had sinus infection last 6-8 weeks in the past, but a few minutes of Dr. Cavanaugh’s fingertip manipulation was more effective than any antibiotics or treatments I have ever had. My sinus infection was gone in 2 days!"-Jennifer F.

  "Dr. Stephen’s work changed my life and my daughters. After having months of vertigo and heart attack symptoms undiagnosed with my primary care physician, Stephen Cavanaugh cleared it up in one session. He is amazing!"-Sandy F.

  "Dr. Cavanaugh is professional yet personable. My son is a testimony of the positive results from cranial osteopathic manipulation. Thank you for helping my son to heal and stay healthy. We appreciate you."-Donna E.

  "We came to see Dr. Steve when Max was 7 years old after a traumatic birth experience. I am eternally grateful to the nurse who recommended him and to Dr. Steve for helping not only Max, but his new and nervous parents. Thanks to Dr. Steve, Max’s (big) head is round and lovely."-Emily C.

  "Dr. Cavanaugh has been great, and has really done an excellent job of helping me with serious back problems. It just keeps getting better."-Erwin C.

  "Dr. Steve is excellent with children. My son responds quickly to his calming energy."-Joanne H.

  "When I injured my back and lower back, he brought me back to my prior state of health with two treatments. If it weren’t for osteopathic manipulation I would probably have chronic back pain. Thank you Steve!"-Caroline W.

  "Dr. Cavanaugh has improved my speech and spinal alignment greatly. I am in much better health"-Carlene K.

  "Dr. Steve has been an essential part of my recovery from a car accident. He has an amazing gift for enabling the body to heal. Dr. Steve is a gifted physician who I trust to care for both my own injuries and to treat my son. I highly recommend his service both adults and children."-Hillery N.

  "Dr. Steve makes me feel like a TRILLION bucks! Like you are sleeping on the comfy-est comforter EVER!"-Mitchell N. (8 years)

  "Dr. Stephen’s work changed my life and my daughter’s. After having months of vertigo and heart attack symptoms undiagnosable with my primary care physician, Stephen cleared it up in one session. He is amazing!"-Sandy F.

  "We first began osteopathic cranial/sacral treatments with our son as an infant; he suffered from colic at six weeks of age and would cry for hours in the evening. Our pediatrician said there was no treatment and he would outgrow it eventually. With one cranial sacral treatment he was peaceful and sleeping quietly through his early evening sleep time. After a couple more treatments he slept stretched out symmetrically and never had a colic episode again. Our entire family comes to see Stephen Cavanaugh and he has helped heal ear infections, back and neck injuries, and maintain the cranial health for all of us. My son is now seven and sleeps ten to eleven hours every night to this day. We hardly ever visit our pediatrician – in fact, only every two years, for the “well child” check. I highly recommend Stephen to infants and adults."-Shawn M. R.

  "Dr. Steve is a healer of the highest order – from fixing back pain to foot problems and headaches. Steve has brought relief and wellness to my whole family!!"-Richard A.

  "My daughter had a significant speech delay. She could produce each sound alright, but she could not speak fluently. I took her to many specialists, but no one could help her. So, I was not expecting much when I finally took her to Dr. Cavanaugh. However, Dr. Cavanaugh figured out what was wrong with my daughter right away! My daughter had lots of structural imbalance and tightness in her head, face, neck, and chest, all of which we need to move in order to speak. It was amazing to see my daughter become fluent in her speech! Her significant and swift improvement made both my husband and me the strongest advocate of Dr. Cavanaugh and osteopathic manipulation!"-Y.D.

  "Dr. Steve is an incredible healer! I have been helped with my back, neck, hip and foot pain. So I can still keep dancing – waltz, tango and folk dancing. He can also “unstick” any computing body and get you moving and energized. Because of Dr. Steve, I feel younger than my 52 years."-Jennifer K.

  "Dr. Steve has done wonders for our son Max. He has a magic touch!"-Ben, Emily & Max

  "Dr. Steve, our appreciation is growing every day – together with my child. Thank you so much."-Anna Una Vera

  "Boy – am I glad I’m coming to see the doc!"-Kara S.

  "Quite simply, Dr. Cavanaugh has changed my life. For the first time in 25 years, I believe that I can live the lifestyle I want – without the pain I’ve experienced for so long – it’s like magic!"-C.M.

  "“Mr. Wizard” has been very helpful to me supporting my own healing in a holistic fashion. Symptoms I lived with for 18 months were gone in less than 12 visits."-Evie