Treatment Tips

For everyone:

It is best to wear light, loose fitting, soft clothing for treatment (no jeans). Light pants are better than skirts.

In the first 12-24 hours after treatment avoid unnecessary lifting, bending and twisting, as well as intense exercise. Athletes, performers, and those who do physical work may not be able to avoid the above activities, but will still generally benefit from treatment.

If possible allow at least 24 hours between this treatment and any other manual modality, including massage and acupuncture.

If something is sore during the 24 hours after treatment use ice not heat. Most patients with significant pain conditions will do better avoiding hot tubs and saunas immediately after treatment.

Walking is often the best exercise after treatment.

Most patients will feel good and relaxed after treatment sometimes immediate relief occurs, but not always. Occasionally patients will feel sore after treatment or will have temporary worsening of symptoms during the first 24 hours after treatment. This is normal and is a result of the body accommodating to the changes we made. I recommend using a cool pack on affected areas if needed. Be sure to let me know how you felt at the follow up visit or call the office if you have any concerns.

For the little ones:

For infants and toddlers you can bring along a couple favorite toys or a binky (if you are using one). I have toys to help distract during treatment. IPODs with children’s applications, cell phones with pictures, or cameras with short videos can be helpful during challenging treatments. We will work as a team to keep your little one as happy as possible through the treatment!

Sometimes infants will cry during treatment, while this can be upsetting, and we try to avoid it if possible, it is important to realize this is the way they express themselves. Treatment is exceptionally gentle and is not painful.

After treatment infants and children may be a bit more tired than usual. They may nap for a longer period than usual or might “melt down” earlier than usual. Occasionally there can be some increased fussiness over the first 24 hours after treatment as a result of tiredness and processing the treatment. Many parents report their infant or child has a very good night of sleep after treatments.

If your infant or child has a cold, ear infection, or sinusitis do come for treatment. Osteopathy will often help. If your child has possible influenza (fever and chills with body aches and a cough) or stomach flu then reschedule to 24 hours after fever has subsided or vomiting has occurred

We are kid friendly. Your children are welcome in our office!!!

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