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I first heard of Osteopathic medicine as a premedical student in college. A good friend of mine told me about a medical school nearby where one could become a fully licensed physician with a holistic philosophy and exceptional hands-on diagnosis and treatment skills. It was clear to me almost immediately that this was the type of physician I wanted to become. Why would I spend four years in medical school and not learn to use my hands to help people? What better way to practice medicine than to have a guiding philosophy concerned with the health of the whole person?

I found a D.O. who specialized in Osteopathic Treatment and spent time in his office. I could definitely see that he was helping his patients. It was also impressive that patients came from other states to see him. Since that time I have dedicated my life to the study, art and practice of Osteopathic medicine.

After completing a BA in Biology at University of Dallas (1991-1995), I attended University of North Texas Health Science Center, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth Texas (1995-1999). My residency was at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills Michigan (1999-2002), where I became Board Certified in Family Practice and Osteopathic Treatment. After this I continued my studies and became certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. I have also obtained a Certificate of Cranial Proficiency from the Cranial Academy.

I opened my practice in Seattle in 2002. My practice has a special focus on treating infants and children, but a significant percentage of my patients are adults as well. People come to me for gentle Osteopathic Treatment and Cranial Osteopathy. There are a variety of conditions I treat which range from difficult or traumatic births, feeding problems of the newborn, recurrent ear infections and sinus conditions to musculoskeletal conditions like low back pain and neck pain.

Seattle DO

Stephen Cavanaugh, D.O., Manager
Osteopathic Physician
521 19th Ave E
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