Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic Medicine is the full practice of medicine and more! As Osteopathic Physicians we are guided by the Osteopathic philosophy both in our hands on treatment and in our medical and surgical management.

The Osteopathic philosophy holds that the body is a unit. When part of the body is unhealthy it affects the whole. Likewise, health of the whole assists in the healing of a part of the body. In my practice this philosophy is manifest most directly by how I treat the whole person in each treatment.

The body is self healing and self regulating. The body is at each and every moment doing its utmost to heal and change. During Osteopathic Treatment and particularly with Cranial Osteopathy the physician is working to assist the self healing tendency. In my work I am removing physical blockages in movement at the level of the joints, ligaments, muscles, fascia and membranes so that the body can better go about its work of healing.

Structure and function are interrelated. The structure of the body is important! Our human body is the structure in which we live, move and have our being. If our structure is disrupted, if there is significant restriction in movement of certain ribs for example, then there will be a loss of function. There will be less oxygen reaching the lungs, less lymphatic flow through the main lymphatic channels, and impaired movement of blood flow through the major arteries and veins. When treatment is applied and motion restored to the rib cage, improved circulation results.

Appropriate Osteopathic Treatment incorporates these principles. When we understand the body as a unit, as self-healing and as structurally and functionally related we are able to assist the patient’s healing in a powerful way.

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